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By Admin . June 1, 2023

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You most likely aren’t aware that you are already employing this well-known sales technique, through which your business has grown or simply made itself known. What exactly is social selling?


Social Selling is a method of attracting, connecting, and developing a relationship between a brand and its consumers via social media in order to sell your product or service.


Didn’t you use it before? Now, get set to use it more frequently for your business because you will be able to carry out your strategies, identify your clients, and use social networks to your advantage.


Whether you use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, this article will teach you how to concentrate it for sales purposes



1. Social Media’s Role in Social Selling
2. How should I use social media in social selling?
3. Do’s and Dont’s of using social selling

1. Social Media’s Role in Social Selling


Social media is a tool for communicating with your friends and family but can you imagine that you can build prospective customers with the goal of establishing a connection through which they can identify with your brand and begin consuming your product.


Social networks are not only for you to post content in order to be recognised by your target market; it is also essential in this case to create experiences, moments, and relationships with your customers.


Yes, the prospecting of potential customers, the conversations they have with you, the interaction content with your followers to interact with each other, listening to their opinion about what they think of your image as a product, and always presenting a solution to the need they are looking for are all part of the relationship.

2. How should I use social media in Social Selling?


Assuming you already have a social network account, this is the outcome of using this technique; however, if you do not even have an open account, you are very likely already losing sales because there are no potential customers coming to see you.


Okay, first and foremost, you should determine which social networks are most effective for your business, as not all of them work in the same manner.


As an example: TikTok and Instagram are geared towards adolescents and young adults looking to consume goods, but if you already want them to be in negotiations with managers, LinkedIn or Twitter are better options.

3. Do’s and Dont’s of  Using Social Selling 


Taking the preceding into consideration, you should consider the following before beginning your Social Selling strategies:


Social selling is entirely individual: Please do not send SPAM emails or messages because there will be no contact with your customer and we do not want them to block us.


Social marketing is not the same as selling: That’s correct, don’t confuse it with Social Marketing; in this instance, it’s about developing personal relationships with our customers and the brand.


The following are some Social Selling tips:


Make an impression: We are not just talking about uploading material (which is not Social Marketing), but also talking to your customers, running surveys, and engaging in interactions that make them feel validated.


What your clients and potential clients say: It may appear simple, but bear in mind that our clients frequently upload everything to social media, sharing what they want and need, so why not study what they want from there to have a better interaction with them? Take note of everything they post; it could mean the difference between you and the competitors.


Relevant Information: To avoid confusion with Social Marketing, the goal in this case is to provide the most pertinent information about your product, even about the industry you are in, so that they experience the brand’s presence even more personally. This information must be provided at the appropriate moment, as if it were breaking news, in order for your customers to remain aware of your brand.



To summarise, social selling is the use of social media as a tool for personalised interaction with customers and prospective customers.


Remember that in sales, talking with customers has always been a constant. However, times have changed, and in order to grow our market, we should now use tools like Zupain  that allows customers to place an order  in a matter of seconds, so we can focus on growing your business. 

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