What Is Print on Demand & How To Start This Business in India

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By Admin . February 25, 2024

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In today’s age launching a business has become more accessible than ever. One such business model that has gained popularity is Print on Demand. As the name indicates this model allows you to create products that can be printed on the go when an order is placed. This eliminates the need for inventory management and upfront investments making it an appealing option for aspiring business owners.

Understanding Print on Demand Business Model


The Print on Demand business model is straightforward yet effective. Here’s how it functions;


  • Design your artwork or choose from existing designs.
  • Set up a store. Utilize a marketplace like Amazon or have your own website
  • When a customer places an order the product gets. Shipped directly by the vendor to the customer.
  • You earn a profit from each sale without having to handle inventory or production.

Advantages of print-on-demand for your business in India


Print on Demand offers benefits for entrepreneurs in India who want to venture into e commerce;


  • No need for inventory: With Print on Demand there’s no requirement to store inventory, saving you from investing in bulk stock upfront. Items are online produced and dispatched upon receiving orders, which helps mitigate risks and streamline the e-commerce process, for better efficiency.
  • Wide range of products:A wide variety of products are offered by print on demand websites in India. These include clothing, accessories and stickers. Such options allow you to target audiences facilitating business growth.
  • High-quality printing: Top notch printing techniques are employed by print on demand companies to ensure high quality products. By utilizing printing technology they can achieve colors and unique designs that meet customer expectations in terms of print quality.

Disadvantages of print-on-demand for your business in India


However it’s important to consider the drawbacks of print on demand for your business in India.

  • Limited control over quality: Limited control over the production process may result in compromised quality or fulfillment issues that can negatively impact your brand reputation.
  • Higher product costs: Compared to bulk manufacturing, print on demand products tend to be more expensive per unit due to the costs associated with printing and shipping.
  • Potential for delays shipping: Relying on a third party print on demand company introduces the possibility of delays in production and shipping. This could lead to customers being dissatisfied and potentially harm the reputation of your brand.
  • Limited customization options: There might be limitations on customization options when using print on demand websites as compared to owning the manufacturing process.


Products for Print on Demand Business



T-shirts are a popular item in the print on demand business. You have the opportunity to create unique designs tha are perfect for t-shirts in India.



Customized mug printing services fulfill the need for designs in the print on demand industry. Mugs are a product to offer in your store as they require less investment and help establish your brand.

Phone Cases


Phone cases are in demand as print on demand products. Custom phone case printing services allow customers to express their individuality.

Hats and Bags


Hats and bags are choices within the print on demand business. With custom printing services businesses can establish their brand identity. Provide exclusive products to customers.

Stickers and More


Custom sticker printing services offer products such as decals, labels and decorative stickers. You can build your brand with unique sticker designs that cater to niches.

Steps to Start Your Print on Demand Business in India


Here are the steps to get started with your Print on Demand business in India;

Research and Choose Your Niche


It’s important to research your target audience and identify market demand. Look for a niche that aligns well with your brand focusing on products such as women’s clothing and accessories. It’s good if you begin with a few high quality items to minimize investment.

Design Your Products


Develop high quality designs that your target audience might like. Offer a variety of customization options. Using digital printing techniques for personalized apparel and other products, you can stand out from the competition by providing customization choices across your product catalog.

Select a Print on Demand Platform


When choosing a print on demand platform consider factors like print quality, upfront costs, shipping options and delivery times. Opt for a platform that offers a selection of products to help build your brand presence. Additionally prioritize platforms that provide customer support.

Set Up Your Online Store


With an ecommerce website builder llike Zupain, you can create an ecommerce website that offers a great shopping experience for your customers. This will lead to increased sales as well. You can also integrate a system that will have the option to directly send the details of an order, from your website to the vendor for printing purposes.

Market and Promote Your Store


Promoting and marketing your store is crucial. Utilize social media platforms and advertisements to reach customers online. Collaborate with influencers to showcase your products and attract an audience. Allow users to upload their own designs as a unique selling point for your business.


Top Print on Demand Companies in India



They offer a range of customization options making it possible for you to create items. Their merchant panel allows for management of your print on demand business.

Gelato India


This company is known for its array of designs and expertise in print on demand products. With a customer base it can be an asset in the print on demand market.



If you’re a business based in India then Vendor Boat offers print products that can enhance your stores offerings. From custom apparel to wall art and other unique items they’ve got you covered.



Considered as a leader in the print on demand industry Printrove provides custom product printing services along with delivery options and an extensive product catalog. Additionally you can set up your store on Printrove. Offer brand customization choices tailored towards audiences.



TeeLabs is a known platform for custom printing services that offers high quality products and various options. It simplifies the process of fulfilling orders, managing inventory and providing shipping services for businesses in the ecommerce industry.

Things to Consider Before Starting Print on Demand Business

Always order samples beforehand


Ensuring top notch print quality is essential to ensure customer satisfaction. By checking the products you can better understand the customization options, different printing techniques and potential business models. Ordering samples in advance allows you to assess pricing and profit margins reducing investment.

Look for shipping services and charges


When launching a print on demand business it’s crucial to be aware of shipping services and associated costs. Understanding shipping expenses directly affects pricing strategies and profit margins for print on demand requirements. Reliable shipping services play a role in ensuring deliveries that meet customer expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Profitable is Print on Demand in India?


Print on demand (POD) ventures in India have the potential to achieve profit margins ranging from 15% to 60%. Several factors influence these margins including production costs, pricing strategies and platform choices. For example, selling a t-shirt at ₹449 after production costs of ₹300 results in a profit of ₹150.



In conclusion establishing a print on demand venture in India can be an endeavor if you devise a plan. To commence it is crucial to determine your market segment, craft appealing product designs and carefully choose a platform for setting up your online store. Zupain presents an opportunity to create an user friendly website for your print on demand business, in India. By leveraging the advantages provided by Zupain you can ensure that your website captivates visitors with its appeal and is optimized to maximize sales potential.


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