Top Businesses to Start Under 10,000 rupees

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By Admin . February 22, 2024

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Many people believe that starting a business requires a big investment. That’s not always the case. With the idea and proper approach you can set up a business without breaking the bank. In a diverse country like India, there are many ideas which you can think of and start with a budget of 10K rupees easily. In this blog we’ll explore business opportunities that cater to interests and skill sets. Whether you’re a home-maker, IT professional, a foodie or someone passionate about marketing there’s something for everyone.


How can I market my business with no money to attract customers?


To promote your business and attract customers make use of social media platforms to advertise and engage with customers. Consider offering discounts, promotions or referral programs as incentives. You can also participate in events. Collaborate with other small businesses to increase your visibility. Creating a brand identity will help you stand out from your competitors.

What are some low-cost business ideas that can be started with 10,000 rupees or less?


Here are a few low cost business ideas with a budget of 10,000 rupees or less that you can consider;


  • Handmade Crafts
  • Home-based food business
  • Dropshipping business
  • Candle making & more
  • Digital marketing services
  • Soapmaking business

Handmade Crafts: A Unique Business Idea


If you have a knack for creativity, starting a handmade crafts business can be a choice. By offering personalized products you can attract customers who appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship involved. This niche market has potential. With careful customization to suit your target audience’s preferences you can build a loyal customer base and achieve consistent sales.

Candle Making Business




For those who seek both creativity and relaxation in their journey candle making is a choice. The demand for candles, home decor items and personalized gifts is on the rise. With investment required in equipment and materials this small scale business can be operated from your home or a small workshop.

Candle making is a great option for those who want to start from home and have a budget of under 10,000 rupees. The demand for scented candles has been increasing steadily, making it an easy to go business opportunity.

Selling Home Cooked Food: Bachelor’s Need in Metro Cities


Starting a home cooked food business in metro cities especially targeting bachelors who live alone or lack cooking skills is an idea. You can start with a monthly meal package that can start anywhere from 3000/month to 10,000/month from a single user.  It’s important to acquire the FSSAI license and permit to ensure legality and safety.

You need to source high quality ingredients to maintain food quality. Establish relationships with vendors to ensure a supply of ingredients at competitive prices. Create a presence through a website and social media to reach an audience and invest in suitable packaging materials so that food reaches fresh consumers. Maintain a well organized kitchen that adheres to food safety standards.

Dropshipping Business in India


Dropshipping is becoming increasingly popular as an ecommerce business model in India. Benefits of dropshipping are its scalability, and can be operated from anywhere with an internet connection. This model also allows entrepreneurs to run online stores without the hassle of managing inventory, need of physical stores or fulfillment processes. Many products you can start dropshipping like TShirts, mouse pads, utensils, bags etc.

To get started, conduct research on niches, select products for sale, create a user friendly ecommerce website using platforms like Zupain and establish relationships with reliable suppliers who can directly ship products to end consumers. Once you have a running model, then you can also consider doing some paid marketing to get more leads on your website and increase your sales.

Digital Marketing: A Cost Effective Business Strategy


If you have skills like SEO, Paid Markeitng and email marketing, you can start digital marketing service for various small and medium businesses.


To start with this, it is important to havе a wеbsitе and activе social mеdia accounts whеrе you can showcasе your sеrvicеs and еxpеrtisе and prеvious work. Offеring cost solutions with pricing can attract small businеss ownеrs or startups with limitеd markеting budgеts.

Website Blogging as a Business




If you cna write good content, blogging can be an opportunity to monetize it and build a business around it. To launch a blogging site use platforms like WordPress that are optimized for search engines. Select a niche that aligns with your expertise and focus on developing a content strategy centered around quality and consistency. Finally engage with readers through social media platforms.

Once you’ve built a following, for your blog there are ways to monetize it;

  1. Affiliate marketing; You can earn commissions by promoting products or services through programs like Amazon Associates.

  1. Advertising revenue; Displaying ads from networks such as Google AdSense or Mediavine allows you to earn based on clicks or impressions.

  1. Sponsored content; Collaborate with brands in your niche to provide product reviews or promote them on media.

  1. Digital products; Create and sell ebooks, online courses or exclusive content that leverages your expertise adds value to readers. Generates income.

Soapmaking: Make at home and sell online


Soapmaking is a business idea that can be both creative and profitable. You can start this venture from the comfort of your home with a budget of less than INR 10K. The demand for unique personal care products has made handmade soaps immensely popular online. To get started gather equipment like molds, mixing bowls, a scale, an immersion blender, a thermometer, gloves, goggles etc.. You can source raw materials such as oils, fragrances, additives and colorants, from reliable suppliers or online marketplaces. Consider purchasing in bulk to save on material costs.

Build Your Online Store Using Zupain


In today’s business landscape having an e-commerce website is essential. It allows businesses to establish a presence, reach a wider market and compete with larger companies. E-commerce websites provide a cost way to sell products and services without the need for stores. Moreover they offer opportunities for interaction with customers enhancing customer service and engagement. As a result online shopping has become increasingly popular making e-commerce websites a component of business strategies.

Zupain makes it easy for entrepreneurs to create appealing websites for their businesses without breaking the bank. By utilizing Zupains website templates and integrating payment gateways you can build trust with your customers.



To sum up, starting a business with low investment is not only feasible but can be profitable as well. Whether you’re interested in crafts, candle making, home cooked food sales, dropshipping, digital marketing, blogging or soapmaking – there are opportunities to explore. With planning, research and the help of platforms, like Zupain you can embark on an entreprene

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