This most wanted Feature of  Zupain makes your customers never wait for you. 

Today, in this modern world, businesses must be everywhere in order to acquire attention and awareness for their products and services. What we mean by “everywhere” is packaging things, calling courier partners, and so on. This can be rather overwhelming for business owners, especially if you are the sole proprietor; the activities will significantly deplete your energy. However, one of the most crucial activities that will have a significant impact on your organisation is to constantly be unavailable to your clients. 


Why Small businesses lose business 


According to a recent survey, small businesses are expected to lose a significant amount of business because they lack customer support systems and processes, causing clients to switch to better options and businesses that are always on chats. This does not imply that the company should always be on chats, which we all know is impossible for all humans. However, because of changes in content consumption, current customers are more inclined to engage with your reels and content through comments and reactions, but high-intent customers take a step further by reaching out to you via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp messages. As a young and expanding platform, we understand that your pain is not being available to all, thus Zupain has just provided a new feature on the integration of your Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, making it simple for businesses to get all messages in a single admin panel. 


3 Sec Facebook integrations with Zupain. 


The service will be free for all users with active subscriptions, and in this blog, we will show you how to add your Facebook Messenger account to Zupain in just 3 seconds.





Zupain adores Facebook, and our ever-evolving passion for building technology is always over the top while keeping customers in mind. Our new meta feature of allowing Facebook Messenger will seek to help small businesses accomplish their goal of connecting and engaging clients without lag. 


How this one feature can help not only understand your audience’s reactions but also add rich catalogues to your store.


Insta reels are silently outshadowing all the clone TikTok apps in India. Tiktok the pioneer in bringing the concept of vertical 16:9 entertainment to all deep-down pockets of India was banned in 2020 due to its parental firm’s association with China. After its ban, there were several clone apps which got developed in India with the tag name of “Made in India” and have quite gained popularity. To make it true they also got funding leading to a content and ads war on pushing Indians to become their customers. 3 years looking back from the ban, we clearly see Insta reels and Youtube shorts making the headlines on customer retention and customer addition.


The feature within the Instagram app has also gained substantial popularity in India, with over 200 million monthly active users. Its focus on visual storytelling and influencer marketing attracts a large audience. Hence Zupain as a product today offers you to seamlessly sync and With X million users in India, Both Instagram and Facebook have gained more attention for all entertainment needs. From Influencers adding content on their niche to go to for all holiday planning.

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