Social Media Platform: List of 10 Most Popular

In today’s world, social media platforms are becoming more popular. As information and communication technology has rapidly grown and changed among people, people have started to use social media sites. The fast pace of change is accelerating, and the development of mobile technology has played a vital role in shaping the impact of social media.


If you would like to understand more about social media sites and the top social media sites, then reading this guide will be helpful. It lets you know the Popular Social Media Platforms available to communicate and post pictures. This guide will be beneficial for you to let you know about the popular social media platforms that you can choose to use.


What is to know about social media?


Social media is a variety of technologies that can facilitate sharing ideas and information among users. There are many social media platforms, from Facebook to Instagram. More people are using social media platforms in their daily lives to share ideas and information in the way of text and visuals through virtual networks and communities.


What is the top-most popular social media platform?

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When you are eagerly searching for the Popular Social Media Platforms, here are the top one’s for you listed below. You can understand their familiarity among the users and choose it for your daily use. They are:


1. Facebook:


The first famous social media platform is Facebook, which is the expansion of FB. It is helpful for the individuals using it to share their photos and videos. It has become a massive platform for content creators and content marketers. It came into existence in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg mainly to make the world more socially connected.


2. YouTube:


YouTube is the second most famous social media platform because it has been with us for over a decade. It is a popular platform that caters to people of all ages to see more videos daily. It is a valuable platform for sharing videos for people to watch. YouTube is known as the second largest search engine website, and it is easy to create a channel for your brand. You can share knowledge-based videos, entertainment videos, vlogs, etc.


3. Instagram:


The third Popular Social Media platforms are Instagram, the leading social media site among people. Instagram platform helps share a wide range of content like photos, videos, stories, and even live streams. It is the best place to express you through pictures and videos, but it has become a mass medium. The individuals can create a new business profile on Instagram, which can offer them analytics and insights into the performance of their posts.


4. LinkedIn:


LinkedIn is another popular social media site among various sites that you can use. It is a popular resume-building and job-searching site that has evolved more professional social networking site where people can share content, build a personal brand, and connect. LinkedIn is considered one of the famous sites for people to develop their profile in a resume format by adding their achievements and goals.


5. Pinterest:


Pinterest is another Popular Social Media Platforms where you can see things like the content posted on a specific platform. It is like an infinite platform where you can make unique discoveries and is one of the in-demand social media sites. You can see photos, videos, info graphics, and GIFs according to interest. You can pin on your saved boards and gain followers if the people like your boards.


6. Tumblr:


Tumblr is an excellent platform for blogging or micro-blogging where you can share texts, photos, videos, GIFs, links, audio, etc. It has generated a good amount of audience to stay in the competition with sites like instagram and Facebook. People can share many things on Tumblr, from cat pictures to how-to tutorials. Here, you can get a feature of custom modification where you can either hire a designer to give your profile a unique appearance or download the predesigned themes.


7. Twitter:


Twitter is a famous social media site for news, entertainment, media, and political information. Familiar celebrities use Twitter rather than Facebook or Instagram because it has unique features. These features make Twitter strongly emphasize real-time information with a word limit of 280 characters. The brands can directly interact with their customer, and it helps them in building their relationship.


8. Medium:


Medium is a social media site that is best to publish your articles online free of cost. It also helps you to read other articles except those you need to pay for. Besides posting organic articles, some brands republish the articles from their company website to extend their reach. Posts on medium vary from anything to everything, such as short-form, long-form, and light content, to deep or existing content elsewhere.


9. Reddit:


Reddit is a famous social media platform that can make you submit links, questions, images, etc. Plenty of dedicated forums allow you to choose the subreddit under this category. These threads have varying levels of engagement, and it is good to research and be a part of a subreddit similar to your brand.


10. WhatsApp:


WhatsApp is also the best and most popular social media site that most people use daily. It is a messaging app that has started a feature known as WhatsApp for businesses where brand owners can directly reach out to their customers to promote their products, provide customer service, and share updates about their purchases.


Can you make use of all the social media sites?


Yes, it is good to use all the social media sites that offer various happiness and usage for the people. Whenever you think about using social media sites, understand many things in them and then use them. So, you can use all the social media sites that are your favorite.




Finally, you can understand the popular social media sites available to you. If you like to use any social media site, you must gather more details about the sites and then use them in your routine life.


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