Discover How Facebook’s Latest Feature is Revolutionizing the Fight Against Counterfeit Sales in Your Name



Over 6-8 million small and medium-sized businesses operate in India. Today, the majority of business owners rely on social media to promote their products. According to an Axis India survey, Whatsapp and Facebook are the most used social networking programs in India. 


However, one of the most serious and frustrating issues that most small business owners confront is the sale of counterfeit products in their name by unidentified third parties. To address this, Meta will develop a set of features that will protect small businesses. The attributes will be packaged as Meta Verified tags.


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What does it imply? 


Meta Verified tags are tags that will be included in Meta’s products such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. For example, If you operate under the brand name “Orange,” Meta will verify your brand. The verified tag in your social media accounts protects your brand and customers from fraudulent activities to some extent. Brands should also teach their customers to only use verified tag social media handles when purchasing or communicating.  Please keep in mind that this will follow a series of checks that Meta will perform on you when you register. 


On Wednesday, Vikas Purohit, director and head of Meta’s small company group, told reporters in Ahmedabad that the amount of fraudulent business adverts and frauds on Meta-owned platforms Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp is increasing. “In order to make sure that the consumer is assured about the authenticity of a business, we are planning to extend our Meta Verified badge to the businesses in India,” stated Mr Singh.


Meta intends to extend its ‘Meta Verified’ label to such enterprises in India in order to boost their perception and reliability. 


According to a Financial Express story, the time schedule for this development has not yet been determined, although we have been working on it since September 2023.


Businesses can pick between a single membership to a single app and a combined subscription to Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Businesses can receive access to a toolbox for their subscribing Facebook page, Instagram professional account, or WhatsApp phone number with a monthly fee. 


Here are some fascinating facts about Meta Products.


  • Meta apps are used by about half of the world’s population (3.96 billion). 
  • Every day, around 140 billion messages are sent via Meta apps. 
  • Around 200 million organisations use WhatsApp, and approximately 600 million business messages are transmitted globally each day. 
  • Every day, 60% of people send business-related communications.



If you own a small business and want to protect your brand name against counterfeit products. Zupain advises the following Brand Registry and Paid Bluetick Verification.


When it is released in India, you will be able to obtain Meta Verification tags.

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