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Facebook offers online marketers a wide selection of ad formats and placements, including images, video, and text, to achieve all different purposes. However, different ad formats and placements have different requirements for the image with image and video formats and sizes. Using the best Facebook ad sizes and Facebook ad specs is essential for achieving your goals and maximizing results. Therefore, they organize all the necessary information for you in one place. The size and specifications of Facebook ads change frequently, which may need clarification.


If your business is seeing success with Facebook ads or you are in the process of integrating the social network into your marketing mix, you need to know all the current Facebook ad sizes. Use this Facebook ad specs guide to create all your ads for Facebook and ensure they display flawlessly on the platform. To get users to engage with your ads and take action.

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Facebook Video Ad Sizes:


Video is currently the content consumed by social media users. 66% of people believe short-form videos are the most engaging type of content on social networks. To meet users’ video needs, Facebook has introduced a number of short-form video formats and video ad types to help advertisers increase engagement. If you want to create high-converting video ads, follow these tips and the recommended Facebook creative specs.


Facebook Video Advertising Tips:


  • The platform, therefore, recommends brands Design mobile-first ads.
  • Use a vertical or square video ad format to cover the entire screen. Facebook recommends a 4:5 aspect ratio.
  • Concentrate on the first five seconds. That’s all the time you have to convince Facebook users that your ad is worth their time.
  • Centre the identity of your product or brand.
  • Create an emotional connection with your audience. You can achieve this by directing your ad character to look directly at the camera or using a soundtrack that expresses emotion or storyline.


Facebook Feed Video Ad Size:


This video ad format appears in user’s feeds. It is the first thing people see when they log into Facebook, which means status updates, photos, and videos from family and friends, celebrities, or groups. To get your video ads noticed in this crowded environment, you need to create videos that stand out and are highly optimized.


Facebook In-Stream Video Ad Sizes:


Facebook shows video ads in your stream before, during, and after your video. These ads appear on both desktop and mobile devices, and they will start playing only 15 seconds after the main video starts. In-stream video ads are skippable after the first five seconds.


Facebook Ad Image Size:


When creating image ads for your Facebook feed, keep in mind that your ads will appear next to posts by users’ family and friends. This may also be for favorite celebrities and influencer updates, or group chat you have real competition. Follow these guidelines to make sure you design great-looking Facebook display ads.


Facebook Image Advertising Tips:


  • Use high-quality, unique and eye-catching images to ensure your ad captures user’s attention and entices them to click.
  • Include your product in the image and make sure your product is always centered.
  • Adjust the size of your image files appropriately to avoid ads being cropped, distorted, or worse, rejected by Facebook.
  • Experiment with different visual styles to trigger different emotions and capture people’s attention in unique ways. This ensures that your brand creates a memorable brand experience.


Facebook Carousel Ad Requirements:


With carousel ads, you can display two or more images or videos in the same ad. This format allows advertisers to add text, URLs and calls to action for each image/video. You can also tell a story using multiple images. It is no surprise that carousel ads are 10 times more engaging than static ads.


Facebook Carousel Advertising Tips:


  • Use this format to tell your brand’s story through multiple images.
  • Present your products, services, or activities. Each product/service can direct users to a specific landing page.
  • Show additional product features using images taken from different angles.
  • The best aspect ratio for video in carousel ads is 1:1.


Facebook Story Ad Sizes:


Story ads are images, videos, or full-screen carousels that appear when users view a story on Facebook Shop. They are a great way for brands to share their unique content and attract followers, according to Facebook Stories ads inspire action.


Facebook Story Tips:


  • Capture people’s attention from the first frame.
  • When you create a story ad Design your ad using a full-screen portrait format.
  • Use multiple scenes, but keep them short and quick.
  • If you choose to use images, Add movement to your still images.
  • Use clear images and overlay text.
  • Integrate your branding throughout. Put your brand front and center in the first scene.


Facebook Collection Ad Size:


Collection advertising is an invitation to view the product catalogue to create online shopping website. It is a mobile-only ad format that includes a cover image or video followed by three other product images. When someone clicks on your ad, an Instant Experience appears, which is actually a landing page created to nurture users further and direct them to take action. This ad design makes it easy for Facebook users to locate, browse, and buy products or services from within the medium while browsing on their phones.


Facebook Collection Ads Tips:


  • Choose an attention-grabbing cover photo or video.
  • Features the most important or popular products or highlight the main features of your offer.
  • Test different card arrangements.
  • Select dynamically selected properties to allow Meta to choose which products to display. Products are listed according to popularity or likelihood of purchase.
  • Encourage users to take action with call-to-action buttons like Buy Now, Learn More, or Discover.




In summary, when launching a new campaign, you need to define your objective first. For example, it could be awareness, sales, traffic, and leads. Participation or app promotion. You can then choose the right ad format and placement after that to get the best results. You should use the right Facebook ad sizes and Facebook ad specs for your ads and keep ad text below the maximum length.

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