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To add Documentations such as Help, About Us, Legals, Terms & Conditions, Explore

Go to Settings and click documentations tab. You will find a window as image shown below

To add Help document, Click Edit under help tab. The document you need to upload in help section should contain information about your online store such as FAQs.

Add your text under document panel to reflect in your store

Similarly, to add about us, click edit under about us tab and enter your text in document panel. In about us section, you can add brief description of your company, contact details, registered office address.

To add Legals document, click edit under legal to upload your legal document. In Legals document section, you can upload your any legal documents that are related to your store.

To upload your store’s terms and conditions, Click edit under Terms & Conditions tab. Terms & conditions is available at the sign-up page. If you want to add more. You could add more

To upload documentations regarding explore in your store, Click Edit under explore document.